Shadow Ninja Comic #1

Shadow Ninja Comic #1

Shadow Ninja Comic #2

Shadow Ninja Comic #2

Red Fox

*****Game still under development*****

*****More Features and Gameplay will be added, the trailer show only how the game will look like*****

*****Not all sound effects and musics are added yet, all 4 seasons will have different ambient music*****

*****The game is not complete yet***** (see update's)

Update: 1
As you're running and jumping time is flying. Leaves are falling. Its getting cold and snowy and warm and nice again. While seasons are changing red fox is really struggling to survive in the harsh forest conditions trying to collect as many apples as possible.

This game will put your limits to the test. As you collect apples you unlock new foxes. Collect them all!

4 seasons background and assets:
- Winter
- Spring
- Summer
- Autumn

Obstacles and decorations:
- different logs
- different stones
- fence
- bush
- different trees

Foxes to unock:
- Fox
- Dollar Fox
- Gentleman Fox
- Girly Fox
- Santa Fox
- Scarf Fox
- Shades Fox


The game is designed in color-ish art style

- Insanely simple and addictive
- Improve your reaction and reflexes
- Endless gameplay
- Steam high scores
- Color-ish art style
- Steam cards

Update: 2
- More sound effects and musics
- More different levels will come with different assets and obstacles/enemy
- Traps (Use your skill to get through traps and enemies that are waiting for you)
- Platform game with levels
- Power Up will be added
- 70 + Levels (Hard game)
- Improved art and animations
- Windows and Mac

Enemies and friends added (see images):
- Bear (see images)
- Wolf (see images)
- Deer (see images)
- Owl (see images)
- Rabbit (see images)
- Swine (see images)

Obstacles added (see images):
- 3 different Spikes (see images)
- Water (see images)
- Bridge (see images)

Update: 3
- Fox rolling animation
- Platforms 3x different - all seasons
- Teleport portal animation
- Mushroom (animation) to jump higher
- Power up to go faster
- Magnet to collect Apples faster
- campfire (animation)
- Diamonds 5 different
- Bonus level
- Game map level select

Update: 4
- Arrow Sign - Green Board
- Arrow Sign - Red Board
- Fox Trap
- Small Platform - all seasons
- Mud - to slow Fox
- Cliffs/Pitfall - to fall
- Hunter - Shooting animation
- Finish flag
- Rain Animation/snow/leaves
- Fox Home
- Evil Cloud - Chasing You